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GC - Standard Graphite Coated Canvas

HD - Heavy Duty Graphite  Coated Canvas

Punched graphite slip cloth

Flat Segmented Pressure Belt

V Segmented Pressure Belt

Twill Segmented Pressure Belt

Elastic Material,Polyurethane Foam

Graphite Sliding Liners for Keyboad Sander

Wood-based panels graphite sliding liners for sander

Plastic board graphite sliding liners for sander

Felt With High Planeness For Sander

Self-adhesive stone square



Sanshan Carbon Co., Ltd

Sanshan Carbon Co., Ltd was established in 1991 and has been the company in China that specialized in producing the graphite coated canvas for sanding machines. Of the 30,000-square-meters premise, 12,000 square meters are for the facilities, which are: a line for cloth/canvas handling, a line for adhesive producing, a set of nature graphite and artificial graphite producing line and 3 lines of graphite coated canvas. With all these producing lines and facilities, the Company can produce variable graphite coated canvas to match various kinds of sanding machines.

The Company also produces the sanding machine accessories like: sliding liners, woven cushion, imported or made-in-China woven belts, Pressure Segment belts and Sponge roller…etc.